Sunday, November 22, 2009

Cancun II

Paulette mentioned that she won the second night of skittles Texas Hold 'em but she refused to post the picture so I am doing it for her.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Our life in pictures from 9/2-current day

I know, I know...We are officially horrible bloggers, but I guess better late than never. Right?
We went on an awesome vacation to Cancun, compliments of the Kline family (not us). I would highly recommend it to anyone.

We arrived and quickly started taking advantage of the all inclusive aspect of the resort. Maybe a little too much?

We played skittles Texas Hold 'em; the first night Erin won and this is what she did to her winnings. The second night I won twice, but I think they let me win the second time because they were sick of playing.
We enjoyed several very nice dinners.
Did a little local shopping.
Enjoyed a lot of time at the beach.
Our brother-in-law Jared's sand dolphin. Very impressive, huh!
We also enjoyed the swim-up bar.
But alas, the time came for us to leave paradise and return to reality.
The two big boys both played soccer.
Dylan is really quite good and actually started to learn how to "play" the game. Hayden on the other hand was very fun to watch as he and his team chased the ball wherever it should roll.
Dylan turned 7!

We had him a little family party on his actual birthday.

Kolton enjoyed the cake so much he decided to help himself to some more when nobody was looking.
The boys had their "friends" birthday party at the local gymnastics place.
Everyone had a BLAST!
I went a little crazy making these cookies for the goodie bags.
I don't really want to see another cookie for a long time.
Hayden turned 4!
We had a little family party for Hayden too.
Have you ever wondered what happens when your 4 year old eats 3 cupcakes worth of red icing in less than 24 hours. Let's just say when mom sees that one in the toilet it scares her to death and she thinks a trip to the emergency room is immediately necessary until she remembers about the icing the night before.
On a more appropriate note, aren't these two of the most handsome boys you have ever seen?
Hayden's 1st primary program.
The boys are dressed as Luchadores (Mexican wrestlers) with masks that we brought them from Cancun. Dylan was Dragon Rojo, Hayden was Hurricane Ramirez, and Kolton was (obviously) Nacho Libre (and a huge hit with everyone).
The two big boys were old pros at trick or treating, but Kolton wasn't very interested.
On Thursday Kolton got his first haircut, not that you can tell. He was developing a little mullet, but no more.
Today we went to the Renaissance Festival.
We all had a lot of fun watching shows, trying out some of the attractions, riding rides, eating food on a stick, meeting royalty, and many other strange creatures. The souvenier of choice was a set of horns for each of the boys.
We must have worn him out.
This is what happens when you lay all the childrens' clothes out and don't tell your 4 year old which clothes are his.
Sorry for the long post hopefully we will be able to keep up better from now on.